We Help You Grow Disease-Free Vegetable Plants Wholesale

At California Transplants, we use only state-of-the-art seed plug medium that increases soil cohesion for our large variety of top-quality transplants. We offer certified organic vegetable plants wholesale from our Newman, California, facility for large gardens and commercial farms. No matter what your cultivation needs are, call us to get started on a great growing season. Our staff has a great deal of experience in growing quality crops and are always available to offer advice on what to look for in quality starts.

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How to Recognize a Superior Transplant

For example, the first step to success in farming tomatoes, one of our most popular crops, is knowing what a high-quality transplant looks like. Growers should look for seedlings with straight, thick stems that are 15 to 25 cm tall with good uniformity. Leaves should be well developed, green, and flat, not cupped or puckered. A slight amount of purpling at the base of the stem and on the underside of leaves is a sign of carbohydrate development, which will improve survival.

The roots should be white, thick, and should fill the plug from top to bottom. Roots which are brown in color and don't extend to the bottom of the plug are a sign that the plants have been grown under moisture stress which can delay rooting in the field. A well-grown transplant will have adequate food reserves to ensure rapid establishment under a wide variety of field conditions.